Friday, July 2, 2010

Mourning Dove

This is one little painting destined for the farmer's market. The sunshine has washed out the colours a bit- there's a lot of pinks and blues and yellows going on in there. Also there is an iridescent polka dot pattern in the background- which you can only see in certain light- it was made using pearlescent medium then washed over with layers of acrylic- pretty neat stuff.

I love mourning doves- they were one of the first birds to 'welcome' us out here, and despite their sad coo-ing (I think that's where they get their name- it sounds a bit like an owl- only with a little more longing) they're really beautiful birds. Unfortunately they're also appropriate for our family right now- many of whom are coping with some grief, or impending grief- My heart goes out to them- however 'expected' the loss of a parent is- I think it's still un-unexpectedly hard.

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  1. Thanks. Really beautiful work. Cannot wait to commission something from you in future.