Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Leaves and Root Vegetables

I love Fall, it's one of the big things I love about he prairies, a crisp bright fall. When I lived in B.C. it was always warm, well, warmish I guess, but it rained all the time. Really, truly I have never experienced such gray dreary days as the fall in British Columbia. I can only remember things as darkly grey in the morning, then sort of lighter grey in the afternoon, then pitch black at night- because the clouds hide the stars and moon, so you don't even have that- not that you'd look up anyways because you'd get rain in your eyes.

Anyhow- when I decided to live here in Manitoba permanently lots of people were surprised, but I'd trade that horrible rainy fall and winter for our bright -40 days any time. Plus we get real honest to goodness fall here- crackly leaves and blue sky, apple and pumpkin harvests, frost in the morning and warm afternoons for a couple of months at least. Winter is early here- I always laugh on the first day of winter because it's already been winter here for months by then- it feels like the rest of the world is late. But all in all I'll take that long winter because at least we get Fall.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


N: working in her laboratory outside (the potting bench- with a big bucket of semi-frozen rainwater standing in as the 'potion'. Numerous (and probably annoying) warnings about not drinking it were heard from me). She's also picked the bright orange hunter's toque as her favorite this year- it's ridiculous- but at least we can find her easily.

A: just happy to wander around and explore outside- this was a nice warm day- one of the last- so the mitts were off, and the sand shovel was put to good use.