Thursday, February 12, 2015


Is there anything more festive than tissue paper hearts that accordian out?  The girls watched me unfurl it like it was some sort of magic. Love is in the air. I think Valentines Day is the biggest school holiday, so much preparation is involved, and the excitement is un real. Or possibly any holiday celebrated in February would be a big deal- it's so wintery- and the novelty is wearing off slightly.

My studio however has been seeing a bit more use- My easel is set up- the paints are laid out- the brushes are wet- and today- Canvases stretched- I haven't stretched a canvas in a few years- but it really is like riding a bike- and so satisfying to methodically staple it all down so that it's drum tight and utterly transformed into a surface worthy of paint. Lovely.

These books were my latest Amazon scores (does anyone elses recommended reading list from amazon scare them- it's like some sort of alternate universe in which you are an extreme version of yourself), I loved "Steal like an artist"- it's small and short- I read it in one night- but full of good wisdom. You know how sometimes you know something- but you don't really act on it- or people tell it to you all the time but it doesn't make a difference and then someone says it and it just clicks- either you're ready for it- or something about the delivery makes you take notice- or whatever and suddeenly it becomes a big truth. This book has lots of moments like that in it. It's good. (I also love it when advice books give me the advice that I'm already acting on from my own intuition- makes me feel like I'm awesome, even when the advice is pretty basic).

Happy Valentines my dears! hope you're all enjoying some slightly sticky kisses (or is that just me- the kids are pretty much coated in a film of chocolate of sugar these days...)

Monday, January 26, 2015

In the New Year

Hi Folks! Happy new year- oh what's that you say- it's almost February? Hardly new year territory anymore? Well- yes that's true-strictly speaking- but I think it takes at least a month to get into the new year's groove. And I've been busy with the kids and the surgery healing and all that stuff. Plus it's been amazing weather wise here, above zero some days and that must be celebrated with snowmen. And there were a lot of snacks to be I was busy.

Anyhow- on to the blog, new year, new changes, we're renovating at our place right now, so things are sort of mayhem-like. This renovation has been in the works longer than I care to say- and we've been attacking it the same way some people make knitted projects- (you know small bursts of intense making, followed by longer periods where it sits in a bag and gets forgotten about- only to be dug out decades later almost complete- but woefully out of style, or is that just me?). Anyhow it's exciting to be getting this reno on the road, and we're such die hard do it your selfers it's bound to be entertaining for you too. It's a kitchen project mostly- but as with most old houses the projects do tend to balloon
into other rooms, so far we've only had to re-wire the entire house, as a side project- it's almost done- but not quite.

In other news I'm also hoping to switch this over to, or connect this up to a more serious professional website, I'm not sure what shape it will take- but I want my online art presence to be a little more, well, um, present to start with. An etsy shop or some other shop will likely be involved, and so that means I need to make more work. I think a main theme in my art making is that I need to make more work, always. But in other art news I think I'm going to start making some new paintings- I haven't painted since I left school- but it's my natural medium, so I'm going to do a series of portraits, I've got to get some canvases made and then I'll be off- the above photo might make a return as a painting- a 'Madonna of the cats' sort of image- we'll see- it's early stages yet.

I'll probably post a bit of my inspiration posts too- but I'm aiming for a more organic blog this year I think- one that doesn't feel like a chore, and also allows me to spend my creativity off the screen, instead of squandering it here (that sounds negative- what I mean is- I want this space to to feed my real life creative endeavors, not take the place of them. I think that's possible- I will try anyhow.

Hope your new year is ticking along well, and you're enjoying the winter so far- what's better than scarves and boots and hot chocolate anyhow?