Monday Inspiration 2014

Monday Inspiration 2014 is all about re-discovering Canadian Artists. After completing a bachelor of fine art from a Canadian University you would think that you'd be well versed in Canadian art- but actually -not so much. Ask me about renaissance, or abstract expressionism, and I'm well versed, but beyond the Group of Seven or Emily Carr I'm a bit lost when it comes to my own countrymen- (let alone country women!).

So the idea here is to keep it up for a whole year (or more) and to educate myself about the great Canadian Paintings lurking out there. Even though there are lots of Contemporary (living) Canadian artists that are fantastic- I'm mostly interested in historical (not living) artists right now- just so that I can fill in some of the blanks in my Art History education. I'm really interested in folks that are under the radar- women or minorities, because usually they get lost in the history books, and so it's sort of like a lost history, or a treasure hunt. A lot of these artists are local heroes- but not really well known outside of their community. If you can think of someone I should look into please let me know.

A list of links to the Artist Posts:

Prudence Heward

Lillias Torrance Newton

Laura Muntz Lyall

Alice M. Egan Hagan

Sybill Andrews

Eva Theresa Bradshaw

Mina Forsyth

Doris McCarthy

Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq

Henrietta Hancock Britton

William Brymner

Caroline Farncomb

Elizabeth Wyn Wood

Roseline Delisle

Elizabeth Cann

Sylvia Daoust

Winnifred Kingsford

Edith Carr

Ruth Salter Wainwright

Hanna Maynard

Roman Bartkiw

Edwin Holgate

Sarah Robertson

Florence Wyle

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