Hi, I'm Angela, a Painter, Potter, Sewer, Mama, Feminist Homemaker and a Subsistence Gardener. I've got an equally multi-tasking Husband, K, and two little girls; N, who is three, and A who is brand new. I use this space to talk about what's going on with us- in the garden, in the studio, and in life, and to document a few of our inspirations. We try to be as Eco conscious as we can, and we're building up our little homestead here, trying to do it as sustainably as possible- starting with gardening and preserving, but we're learning as we go.

I also use this space to document my art making, mostly pottery these days- though I have a definite bent towards multi- media, especially incorporating fiber arts. My pottery is mostly functional ware, I love the idea of modern 'sumptuary implements', that the tools we use everyday to eat and cook should be both pleasing to the eye and useful. To that end I focus on surface decoration, carving and glazes, to finish my hand built pieces. I'm influenced by art nouveau, art pottery, the natural world, needle arts, and I love intricately detailed work. In all my art I'm almost always exploring women in the arts, nostalgia, family, women's issues, and pastoral themes.

All the photos on this site are my own, unless otherwise credited, and I think of this space as a sort of visual journal, which is often sprinkled with words. As a visual artist I tend to view, and interact with, the world through images, though I mostly get too bogged down to draw, so in between answering "why, mama?" for the hundredth time, and changing diapers, I use my camera to 'sketch' out our days, I hope you enjoy it.

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