Saturday, August 1, 2015

Oh goodness...

It may be obvious to you by now that the end has come for this blog. It has served me well over the last few years, but I think I've outgrown it, and I have plans for a new online space, which I will share in time, for now I'll leave up the old posts and archives, but I may in time make them private as well.

As the kids grow I wonder more and more about bringing them up with so much of their lives online, and though I think of them as my most important works of art, (always in progress, always moving in some unforeseen direction, always more astoundingly beautiful than I could first imagine...) it doesn't sit well with me to share so much of their lives when they have little control over it themselves. For surely they are their own most compelling works of art in progress, even more than mine; they are busy creating themselves, and imagining themselves, and I want them to be in charge of what the world sees of them, (not yet of course, someone has to filter out the six year olds' fart jokes and the moodiness and angst of being three and half, if she had a blog it would be all manic depressive control issues, with a few rainbows and unicorns thrown in for good measure...though it would probably be very entertaining).

Thank you my friends, for sharing this space with me, it's been much more than just a way for me to share images of my kids, garden, art and passions, it's been a way to build community when I've been in my isolated early parenting years, and a safe space for me to explore my interests and passions. I hope to read more of all of your adventures, and to share some more of my own in another space soon,

Take care- Angela