Thursday, February 12, 2015


Is there anything more festive than tissue paper hearts that accordian out?  The girls watched me unfurl it like it was some sort of magic. Love is in the air. I think Valentines Day is the biggest school holiday, so much preparation is involved, and the excitement is un real. Or possibly any holiday celebrated in February would be a big deal- it's so wintery- and the novelty is wearing off slightly.

My studio however has been seeing a bit more use- My easel is set up- the paints are laid out- the brushes are wet- and today- Canvases stretched- I haven't stretched a canvas in a few years- but it really is like riding a bike- and so satisfying to methodically staple it all down so that it's drum tight and utterly transformed into a surface worthy of paint. Lovely.

These books were my latest Amazon scores (does anyone elses recommended reading list from amazon scare them- it's like some sort of alternate universe in which you are an extreme version of yourself), I loved "Steal like an artist"- it's small and short- I read it in one night- but full of good wisdom. You know how sometimes you know something- but you don't really act on it- or people tell it to you all the time but it doesn't make a difference and then someone says it and it just clicks- either you're ready for it- or something about the delivery makes you take notice- or whatever and suddeenly it becomes a big truth. This book has lots of moments like that in it. It's good. (I also love it when advice books give me the advice that I'm already acting on from my own intuition- makes me feel like I'm awesome, even when the advice is pretty basic).

Happy Valentines my dears! hope you're all enjoying some slightly sticky kisses (or is that just me- the kids are pretty much coated in a film of chocolate of sugar these days...)


  1. That second photo of the little ones baking is so precious!

    I just finished reading Big Little Lies and loved it. I'm a sucker for reading strictly for pleasure though. No self help or educational books for me. It is like binging on chocolate, something I know that isn't good for me, but I do it anyways.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Oh- I'll pick that up- I also read mostly for fun- self help is limited to parenting and creative stuff. I love historical fiction, sometimes when things are stressful I have to switch my reading material into something with a bit more fluff though!