Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Leaves and Root Vegetables

I love Fall, it's one of the big things I love about he prairies, a crisp bright fall. When I lived in B.C. it was always warm, well, warmish I guess, but it rained all the time. Really, truly I have never experienced such gray dreary days as the fall in British Columbia. I can only remember things as darkly grey in the morning, then sort of lighter grey in the afternoon, then pitch black at night- because the clouds hide the stars and moon, so you don't even have that- not that you'd look up anyways because you'd get rain in your eyes.

Anyhow- when I decided to live here in Manitoba permanently lots of people were surprised, but I'd trade that horrible rainy fall and winter for our bright -40 days any time. Plus we get real honest to goodness fall here- crackly leaves and blue sky, apple and pumpkin harvests, frost in the morning and warm afternoons for a couple of months at least. Winter is early here- I always laugh on the first day of winter because it's already been winter here for months by then- it feels like the rest of the world is late. But all in all I'll take that long winter because at least we get Fall.

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