Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer of Food: How my Garden Grows

Calendula and Tomatoes
Zinnia and Tomatoes

Yellow Zucchini- though honestly I'm starting to wonder if these are actually straightneck squash- they seem to want to curve up at the neck, and get fatter at the bottom- I may have to let some get big to test my theory.

My Eggplants- I'm in love with these plants, they are pretty enough to plant anywhere.

Pumpkin- branching out.

Winter Squash Blossom- either Bush Delicata- or Burgess Buttercup- I won't know until they fruit as the tags got mixed up when I planted.

the eating from the garden is fairly monotonous latley- swiss chard, swiss chard and more chard- broken up by some zucchini. All tasty- but not really post worthy- next week I'll post about raspberry delights I promise, in the meantime-Happy growing!

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