Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Amphora Pottery




Amphora Pottery was made by a Bohemian based Pottery around the turn of the century, it was made by Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel, and marked with Turn Teplitz on the bottom- so it's also called Teplitz Amphora Pottery. In some ways it's very similar in style to Rookwood pottery(which was made in America), but it's more flamboyant- It's like Rookwood on acid.

The styles are so overly Art Nouveau it's almost too much for me- and I'm an art nouveau junkie. They're so heavily decorated and flowing sometimes it's like a parody of Art Nouveau- still it's beautiful stuff- and it's rare to see something so elaborate not turn the corner into gaudy, so the pieces that strike the balance between elaborate and elegant really get me.

Also I love the combination of shiny metal and pottery- it's a classic.

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