Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For the last week I've been sleeping like a newborn- up every 2 hours, that is. I think it's because of the pearly gems emerging in N's mouth that she's been up so much at night. (she's getting teeth two at a time now, poor girl). Monday night was the absolute worst though- so bad we went to 'sleep' in the guest bedroom so as not to wake K.

I woke up because she was up- but not only was she up-she was busy hugging daddy- hugging Ferdinand (the cat- who suffered only so much of that- then took off), and generally just sitting up babbling and being a nuisance. I know that I can't blame this on teeth- but maybe new skills and tooth pain, and the heat have been conspiring???- all I know is that every time she wakes up - she sits up in bed and looks around to see what's going on.

Last night she slept fitfully- thank goodness- so hopefully this has passed, if not I guess I need to try something new. The thing that kills me about it is that even though she's already got six teeth- there's still so many more to come! I don't want to stop co-sleeping or nursing at night- and it's usually not that disruptive for me, I firmly believe it's allowed me to sleep more than if she were in her crib- but if this keeps up I'm going to have to change something. What is to be made of these baffling sleep changes? does anyone have any advice about this?


  1. Around here, the old husband's tale (hee) is that they regress a little before they make advances. For example, a couple of our precious ones would pee the bed at night after a week of clear sheets. We'd be quite upset, wonder how they could do it, and even they were surprised, it seemed. But it was like a plateau they overcame and the last time it happened, with a fully toilet-trained child on the other end. We just sort of coddled them through to the other side. Care and compassion, y'know. What it sounds like you've been doing.
    Maybe N is aiming to start chatting soon. Maybe a little alphabet song and slow reading or asking her to point out letters is in order, to give her active mind something to sleep on? Don't take my word for it though...Dr. Green's child care website is my recommendation.

  2. Bless your heart. Teething has got to be one of the hardest things we go through as poarents. The only thing I can tell you, after 4 kids myself, is to release expectations and get extra support, cook meals ahead of time, allow time for naps anf recharge time for yourself. It DOES really does.

  3. In that pic, looks like she's doing the most annoying thing: gritting new-cut teeth. One of ours enjoyed doing it when she realized it annoyed us. Just the imagined sound in my mind makes me cringe!

  4. She does enjoy a good tooth grinding it's true- thanks for all the supportive comments- she has a few good nights in here- though I think two more are coming in!