Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This girl will climb on anything lately, In the top photo she's using some art we've recently bought-done by a good friend of mine- it's sturdy stuff, and beautiful, and N finds it fascinating- but still, those are some pricey climbing blocks for baby.

She's all about practising lately - she'd rather try her hand at walking slowly (supported, by hands or walls, or stools), than crawl fast to someplace. Anything that can be moved in our house has been used as a walker- the office routinely looks like someone has broken in and rummaged through my stuff, throwing paper and chairs and toys everywhere. I hand to stand back and look at it all the other day- slightly staggered by the fact that it actually looked ransacked. She stands in the bath tub now too, holding onto the sides of the tub or faucet while she peruses the shampoo shelf- It's madness, She even stands up in the bad when she wakes up!

It's got quite the learning curve-this parenthood gig- just when you think everything is safe they change the rules on you.

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