Monday, July 12, 2010

One Small change- July

This post is really late- but I have been doing my change for the month up until now as well. It's a simple one- Composting. As our garden grows- I've been more aware of how important it is to compost- the soil needs it-if only to improve texture.

One boost that I've noticed in the last week is that I no longer have any veggie waste. I am a notorious veggie waster, My husband says I allow them to 'languish'- which is true- for whatever reason- it's much the same as my inability to return library books- something that seems like it would be easy for me to change- but for whatever reason I just can't do it ( I don't have a library card- but I read a lot- and lately I've been wondering if I can handle the responsibility of one- I mean my god- I do have a child that I manage to take care of- surely I can handle lent books?!?).

This is the best part of composting- my languishing vegetables now have a purpose, and this ability of mine to allow half a watermelon to get to that sticky syrupy phase means that for a household of just 2 adults- we produce a whole lot of compostable matter- It's almost enough to assuage my guilt over spoiled food (almost, but not quite- I was raised catholic after all).


  1. Ok I was thinking and thinking about one small change. I don't know if someone mentioned this already but how about drinking more tap water? It will reduce the amount of plastic bottles I will use and it is also much better for the body to drink water than pop. I of course have great tap water in the city but even using a reusable container is better than plastic. UofM doesn't even sell bottled water anymore and it wouldn't surprise me if other places followed suit. Use the tap!