Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Round of Applause?

N has learned to clap this week- it's the most darling thing I've ever seen. She gets the urge and goes for it- clapping like crazy. She gave claps to Dada for playing her toy piano with his feet, and I got a round of applause for putting on my bra in the morning. Indiscriminate clapping now fills my days- it's joyous. I also think it will encourage her to walk as she often wants to clap while standing- obviously- so she needs to be able to stand unassisted.

It makes me realize how important all these seemingly small skills are- and how interconnected as well. Learning to touch your hands together opens so many doors of communication- suddenly you can hi- five people and wave bye-bye, she also seemed to understand that people were complimenting her on her new bib last night- every time they said how nice it was she would pull at it and smile- it's like a puzzle piece has been put into place and now she can put together all these little skills she's been storing up. It's amazing to watch.


  1. Very cool! Although I must say, reading quickly, I thought darling had applauded you putting your BRAIN on, this morning. Clearly...I did not!

  2. It sounds like she is giving herself a standing ovation!!!! (couldn't resist) And, I hope in life she will be able to do that. The building of self begins.... Also, you are right on: it is like a puzzle, a key in a lock; small things add up to bigger and bigger things, actions, ideas, future, potential.
    So cute. Can't wait to see her next.
    Hugs, J.