Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer of Food: Swiss Chard

This week has been the week of Greens- they're just out of the 'baby' stage- adolescent greens maybe? Whatever you call them they're delicious. I'm thinking about picking most of them at this stage and freezing them- but I've never done that before- does it work to freeze greens- are they tasty?

We're not too fancy with these anyways- just slice up some garlic and season with salt and pepper and either sautee in a frying pan- with olive oil- or in the summer we like to pop them on the grill wrapped up in tin foil.


  1. Ah, swiss chard. Boiled to bits in the past, tasting lightly of dishwater, I'm glad to see there's another way to enjoy it.

  2. Ah yes, dishwater flavour -yum!