Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Sewing: Leggings!

Yes that is a potato she's eating, a raw potato she took from the pantry- I tried to give her a strawberry instead but she refused- what a child.

These little leggings were a snap to make-using some store bought leggings as a pattern, except that I cut them very close so that they're tighter fitting than the usual toddler leggings. I love this fabric- I bought two metres of it about a year ago- and these leggings used up about .1 of a metre, so expect to see more clothes out of it- I'm thinking about making a top for her in brown jersey with this fabric as a contrast. I might even make myself a top with it-though it's pretty memorable fabric- and it might break my no matching with your daughter rule (too cutesy- I can't do it- except with aprons or something else equally transient).

But anyhow- I also made a pair of cropped leggings out of some green and navy patterned fabric. They also turned out very sweet- and easy- four seams I swear- the only tricky thing is sewing stretch fabric- which can be a bit of a pain. I'm considering doing a tutorial for them- would that be interesting to anyone?

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