Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The weather this weekend was a little depressingout here- a blizzard- the yard that was just free of snow- filled up again- such is life in Manitoba I suppose. But while we stayed in and avoided windows N decided to dress up a bit- choosing the most extravagant dress in her wardrobe- velvet with jewels. Then we went through a few more boxes of stuff , and K found this snoopy watch. This watch was his when her was five or six- he said it stayed in such good shape because he grew out of it right away- it's just the right size for N- not that she can tell time yet- but she sure loved having it on her wrist.

It's a priceless thing to find the treasures of your youth in a box in the attic, but it's even better to see them become a treasure for your children too.

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