Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Sewing: Tiny ruffled tunic top

This is the latest of the spring sewing marathon I've cut out for myself- a tiny tunic made with the same sort of pattern I used for my tunic top, but with the addition of elastic thread around the cuffs, and neck, and a button to close the keyhole neck- cause a baby version calls for a little more modesty than a mama version, right? The fabric is vintage stuff I got from my mom a couple of years ago- and it's very lightweight- perfect for summer, it dries fast and breezes blow through it- though sunscreen is probably an essential under this top.

I love the black and white pattern and love the pairing of it with these red "jeggings" from 'please mum'- (look at the pockets- they kill  me), it's such a sophisticated pairing for a toddler- when you ignore the pink faux crocs. If only I'd bought her those clear jelly gladiator sandals they were also selling at 'please mum', she'd be a fashion icon, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was torn between buying the jelly shoes and the white straw fedora. I suppose they realize that the people who wore that stuff the first time round have kids now, and we're sentimental for our crazy 80's fashions, (oh! it was a simpler -more plastic- neon time then, sigh...). In the end I bought neither, I remembered just in time how badly those plastic shoes chafe (seriously whose idea of fun are plastic shoes in the summer?), and a white straw fedora would never survive a tantrum on grass.

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