Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tunic Top

I've been optimistically making spring and summer clothes for myself and the girl these last couple of weeks. This tunic top was the latest finished item- made out of fabric I bought last summer and love, love,love. The combo of acid green and violet and pink and blue somehow works, and I love the scale of the print. I've been longing for more prints in my wardrobe for a while, and I'm finally using the fabric I've been hoarding for something useful. I used this tutorial for making costume tops- and inset the sleeves instead of having all that excess fabric in the shoulder area- it was easy, it would have been a fifteen minute project if I hadn't got all fancy with contrasting borders and keyhole necks.

Now if only the weather would smarten up and I could get outside, or wear something other than sweaters and rubber boots. Seriously-the flood situation in Manitoba is intense- you can read about the details here- it's a complicated mess of dikes, and faulty gages, and controlled breaches, and evacuations. In short- it's not good news, and the weather is making it worse. The water table is so high that this rain is just sitting on top- even in areas not directly affected by the Assiniboine- farmland is wet- too wet to work-to wet to plant- hopefully it dries up soon- or food prices will skyrocket and some farmers will lose their shirts.

We're lucky to be high above the Souris river, but even so it's best to cross your fingers and hope for sun.

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  1. The shirt is AWESOME! Seriously!
    Sorry to hear about the flooding. What a mess.
    Take care.