Thursday, May 19, 2011

Park Bench Makeover

I've been busy this week- the sun is finally out and that means less time for blogging I suppose- (but lots of blog fodder, so it's sort of a good situation). I've been trying to set up some areas for sitting in our yard- which is huge, and very park-like but without the appealing benches. Instead of opting to buy new yard furniture though I've decided to go on a cleaning/painting rampage to try and spruce some old things up. We have lots of old things around that could be used if they had a little care, and I love the look of painted wood furniture outside- it's much more my style than resin wicker- even with the care issues, and knowing I'll have to re-paint it at some point.

This is my first project- and it was so easy and quick- I managed to distract N with a bucket of water and some chairs that needed washing, and then I sanded and painted with an indoor/outdoor gloss paint in colonial red- that we had lying around the shop. Because I was painting it I didn't have to sand all the weathered bits off before I could start painting, which would have taken forever. I'm so pleased with the end result- free new furniture- what's better than that?


  1. Ah, the orange plaid. Very nice. And great job on the bench. Looks brand new!

  2. Love that bench in such a nice colour. Good for you....the original reuse/recycle girl.