Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Sustainable tree house

This house was designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz- whose website you check out here. It's certainly dreamy - like Swiss family Robinson meets star trek- (I mean that in a good way). Maybe it's funny to love both this style of house and Arts and Crafts style houses- I don't know where the common ground is- perhaps it's in the woodwork- and the overall idea of a designed space. I love the idea of a space that is thought out and planned according to the needs of the inhabitant.

I think even most newly renovated places are not like that- somehow we manage to get the idea that islands that are too big to keep regularly clean are a good idea-(you know, the ones in kitchen magazines that are about the same size as my whole kitchen)- my question is how does that work on a day to day basis- doesn't a whole pile of junk just sit in the middle of the island waiting to be put away?- that's what would happen here anyhow, it may look nice- but it's not really well designed if you know what I mean.

We waited to do any sort of work in our kitchen and bathrooms until we had lived here for a couple of years- so that we'd know how the space works and have an idea of what would work better. And I'm going to make certain choices based on that knowledge- I love the look of those white porcelain apron front sinks- but I have a porcelain sink in my kitchen right now- and it sucks- It can look nice- but I have to bleach it to get it that way- and not set any aluminum pans in it- and clean it thoroughly after every use- which is too high maintenance for me- for a sink.

I love the way well designed houses make the space work, and take the function of an item into consideration- not just the look of it, and if it can be sustainable too- then I'm in serious love!

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  1. I agree with you on the size of an island...shoot, look at ours! As my DH says, stuff expands to fill the space available. Someone else says that too, I'm sure, but he says it often enough you'd think he invented the phrase. Mostly directed at my purses and my side of the bedroom, if I'm honest.