Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gathering Aprons

N and ducky- hard at work.

Now that I've spoken out against mother daughter matching- I have to come clean and show the gathering aprons I made earlier this spring. They seem fantastically optimistic at this point because Spring 2011 in Manitoba has been more like November in Vancouver, and nothing has been happening in the mud bog vegetable garden, so these aprons got their first use yesterday- when we picked four(!) stalks of asparagus, and did a little more transplanting from the doomed rock garden.

N's apron has just the one big pocket in front, and mine has five pockets that snap down at the sides, and can open out to bring in more, I can put my scissors, and gloves, and seed packs, and hopefully a little produce in there and have both hands free for kid wrangling. I cut both aprons short so that they don't get in the way when we're working, and they're made out of tough washable canvas- a vintage print that used to be curtains somewhere, but my mother-in-law can't quite remember where (yay recycling!).

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