Tuesday, June 7, 2011


These Daffodils were a complete surprise to me, I bought a variety pack of bulbs in the fall, and these little three headed monsters (each stalk has three flower heads) showed up this week, I had thought all the spring blooms were gone, but I've been gratefully proven wrong, and am utterly charmed by these sweet stripey flowers.

Rain again here today- I got a few seeds planted into the muddy mess that is my garden, the rest of the plants will need to wait until we can cultivate, we rototilled it not long ago- but then it rained a good four pounding inches on it- and it'll be like mud brick when it dries. Because I started so many plants from seed this year- I'm not too worried about waiting a little bit, I'll get the squash and peppers and tomatoes and eggplants etc. in the ground sometime, and they're still growing inside- so that's fine, but I am missing my early produce- the Swiss chard, and lettuce, and spring onions- those will be late this year, but I suppose that will have to be fine- a lesson in patience.


  1. I have new house syndrome where no bulbs will be surprising me. But stargazer lilies came up at the old house. Suprising how sad I felt that little commitment to spring was 'abandoned' by us when we moved. Need to re-commit here this fall!