Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Pit Firing

Linda Keleigh. Vase. (source)

Linda Keleigh, Orb. (source)

Anne Armstrong, Vessel. (source)

Anne Armstrong, vessel, (source)

This summery weather is making me long for a good big pit fire. The amazing thing about pit fired vessels is that the decoration is made only by the combustibles near the pot. The smoke creates different patterns, and it's a completely uncontrolled art form, The only thing you can control is the shape of the structure you're firing. To that end a lot of pit fired pieces are highly burnished(smoothed and shined by pressing the surface with something hard and smooth- plastic- spoons- driftwood, it's a time consuming process, and one that isn't required for glazed pieces, as the glaze covers the burnished surface), I especially love the orb above- wouldn't these be lovely in a glass bowl?

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  1. That top vase looks like a face in pantyhose, a mugger - maybe - imagine!