Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Mary Pratt

Mary Pratt, Raspberries Reflecting Summer, oil on canvas, 2000. (source)

Mary Pratt, Cream, 1983. (source)

Mary Pratt's works are unabashedly feminine- and strong- in a world of male paintings. The idea that she infers deeper meanings and critiques of feminine issues through her domestic subjects is powerful. That one can question domestic violence- and feminist issues through paintings of cut fruits and vegetables- place settings, and meat destined for the supper table, is genius.

Mary Pratt is an unbelievable artist- and her biography is worth checking out- an understanding, and appreciation of her works is much improved by knowing her intentions. When I first saw her works, I was impressed- in how 'real' they are, and knowing how demanding it is to create photo realistic works (far too demanding for me), but in knowing a bit more about why she's painting what she's painting- I'm impressed on another level.

Mary Pratt Links:

biography at Collections Canada

works at Trinity Gallery

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