Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things My Mother Taught me

1. Delight in your children- even when they rebel against you.
2. How to be a Mama Bear.
3. You shouldn't get angry with people- you should get angry with situations.
4. Family is so important- even if you dislike them sometimes.
5. Try something three times before you decide to quit.
6. You have to stand up for yourself before anyone else will.
7. You should treat your kids with respect, even when they're young.
8. Sometimes you have to let others make their own mistakes.
9. A hug can fix almost anything, laughter can resolve a fight.
10. It's not a bad thing to have a face like an open book.

My mom is amazing, she is my friend, and teacher. Somehow she managed to reign me in as a teenager(not that it was hard to do, I'm sure) with respect, and love. I never hated her- I never even shouted that I hated her when I was having a temper tantrum, though I do remember apologizing for my behaviour. All my girlfriends envied me- even when she suggested we watch a video on abstinence on a Friday night.

When my heart was broken she let me have the morning off school and took me shopping- that probably goes against all the advice in parenting books- but it worked for her. She managed to be my friend and my parent, all while going through some tough times of her own. My mom was a safe haven for me then, as she is now. Isn't that exactly what a mother should be?