Friday, May 7, 2010

Things my Grandmother Taught Me

1. It's important to be yourself- always- no matter who that is.
2. You can turn a day around with a little candy.
3. Cookies taste better when you make them a little fancy- with a cherry on top.
4. You can make a 5 yr old feel so special just be letting them be the boss for an hour.
5. You feel better when you take care of yourself- and your appearance.
6. Even if you fight sometimes- your husband can still be the love of your life.
7. The excitement of stirring the pot is not worth the trouble.
8. Everyone shows love differently.
9. Singing and dancing are fun- even if it makes you feel foolish at first.
10.It's important to pay attention to children.

All of these things I've learned through her example- and I can't be more thankful to have her in my life.

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