Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Sunny Tulips

At the first sign of a frost warning- I cut these tulips- to be honest I'd been waiting for a chance to cut them and bring them inside. They now reside in my Rookwood inspired vase- it's the first time it's held flowers.

I made this vase last year for a university class where I focused on Art Nouveau/Arts &Crafts style carving as well as glaze formulation. It's red clay thrown and then carved with hand built additions. The glaze on it turned out particularly well I think- that variegated effect of white on the bottom and then chartreuse and then copper blue were all unplanned- it just happened to fire that way, that's the beauty of pottery. The form is inspired by Rookwood Pottery- which was a turn of the century American Pottery- with an interesting history for another day.

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