Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Portrait of my Sweet One

I finally finished this portrait of N, I'm fairly pleased with it- I think it's a good likeness, and while not an extraordinary painting- it's okay- It could use more layering- more texture-more 'lushness'-if you will-in the background mostly, which I may work on later.

But man- this was tough- maybe because I haven't painted in a while-but the proportions of her face were hard to grasp for me- if you could see an x-ray of this work-her left eye would be all over the place. I'm chalking a lot of it up to the fact that I was painting the thing that's most precious to me, most complex, and beautiful, and the emotions I feel when I look at her make it hard- if not impossible-to become as objective (or detached?) as you need to be to paint a person accurately.

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