Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the Sun, Briefly

N on a bird stakeout
 These photos from a very short outside visit to the back trees to feed the birds. Record cold this year, I think it was only -35 with the windchill that day- so warm enough to go outside-for short periods- 7 minutes actually, before I called it because I could feel my cheeks freezing, and it took me 15 minutes to get the three of us bundled up! This is our little bird feeding spot, we can see them close up from the living room windows, and we usually have chickadees, siskins, goldfinches, nuthatches, and a family of woodpeckers- who steal the show.

It's a terribly calm place to sit- sheltered from the winter wind by low hanging boughs, with your back up against the trunk of a spruce- a baby nestled into your lap. If everyone is quiet enough- (not too often) you can watch the birds close up- and the air is filled with 'cheep-cheeping', and beating wings.

Joining in at My Little Home and Garden for Sunlit Sunday.


  1. Oh what beautiful photos...I could just feel the cold as I went through your photos... What cute little children you have!!! Love seeing the birds, all times of the year!


  2. In the first photo, N. has certainly discovered something meriting close inspection. The little one in the second photo looks delighted with your 7 minute adventure.

    With the description you've given, I can picture the delightful scene of you and your adorable children nestled under the tree, listening to the birds.

    Thank you, Angela, for joining in with Sunlit Sunday.


  3. Luv your family moments here, Angela - so sweet !
    I hear ya on those temps ! posted a wintry dawn photo from this week at -33 C - Hello Canada!
    pleased to find you via sunlit sunday - seem to be finding a lot of Cdn bloggers I hadn't met as yet.
    HapPy weekending...

  4. oh what a lovely spot...although at -35 i think i would prefer to watch the birds from indoors preferably next to a roaring matter how sunny it was outside

  5. Hi Angela, thank you for visiting for Sunlit Sunday. Your kids are adorable and I think it's nice that you took the time to bundle up and sit outside watching birds on a very cold day. Hopefully this cold snap will break very soon. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Sweet little ones! I bet the short visit outdoors was just enough for you and the kids. It sure has been frigid out there.

  7. Beautiful pictures Coming over from Sunlit Sunday.

  8. Good for you for taking everybody outside in that cold. I think twice about the effort to enjoyment ratio when there's any snow at all. Of course that would have to change if we lived somewhere that got more than two or three snow days a year.

  9. Getting ready to go out in severe cold is work for just oneself, never mind two little ones as well. They look like they enjoyed themselves. Lovely photos.

  10. Love these photos of outdoors in the dead of winter - - - reminds me of mandatory time outside with my own kiddies about 40 years ago! What a good adventure on a cold day. And then there is that hot chocolate to look forward to!