Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Eva Theresa Bradshaw

Eva Theresa Bradshaw, Still life with Irises, (source)

Eva Theresa Bradshaw, Untitled- Summer's Reward, (source)
 There's not much info on this artist floating around, but I am struck by the fine quality of her Irises, I love the way the the irises seem to melt into the background in the upper left corner, and how she's captured the light. I really admire artists that can do justice to the subject- not ignore the background, and always keep their brushstrokes rough and painterly. It's such a challenge to do that- and the trick is to spell things out with the minimum of stokes; to be able to pare something down to it's visual basics is like turning a 100 pages into an eloquent 100 word synopsis- very difficult to do while still maintaining any kind of beauty.

Bradshaw was an artist from London Ontario born 1871- died- 1938, and painted mostly still life- she studied under London Ontario artists John and James Griffiths (I've also never heard of these guys- more artists to look up- it's a bit like a treasure hunt- this search for Canadian artists).

More info on the artist here- at the brilliant Canadian Women's Artist History Initiative.


  1. Yes, the irises are lovely. Another artist who I've never heard of either.

  2. I'm a bit partial to irises. These seem to be glowing in the light. Thanks for the introduction to this artist.