Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Henrietta Hancock Britton

Henrietta Hancock Britton, Portrait of Harry Britton, (source)

Henrietta Hancock Britton, Nova Scotia Farmyard with Turkeys and Pigs, circa 1920, (source)

I had actually heard of Henrietta Hancock Britton (born 1873 died 1963) before- it's such a fun name- very memorable. She lived in Brandon Manitoba for a time so I'm sure I've seen her name in the university somewhere, though I've not really seen her art before. It's fairly typical of the period- but those pigs are pretty charming. The turkeys are wonderfully painted as well, I would love to see more of her works- especially some sketches. I think with artists that paint in this manner their sketches really shine because they can capture something in two or three strokes, and still give their subjects such good animation.


  1. Must be painted from true life? Straight pigs' tails...! And would the man's portrait be from inside the building seen in the yard scene? Interesting.

  2. I agree, the one turkey is aggressive as his wings are spread out behind him, not usually one sees this. The pigs are a great part of this barnyard, lovely

  3. I think the turkey is probably displaying and has his tail fanned, but he can't steal the scene from the pigs!

  4. The style of the brush strokes and light remind me a bit of Monet. I love this expressionist style of painting. So lively.