Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunlit Sunday: Piece by Piece

This one's just for scale- I have normal sized hands- I think...

N thinks they would also make good party hats

I wanted to do a granny square blanket- but I can't crochet- and I'm not really accepting new skills to my hobby list at the present time- so I looked for a Knitted pattern- for squares that I could work on little by little- while using up my stash of yarn so that I can just be done with Knitting. I know, I know, Knitting is awesome- and I live in a climate where knit goods are actually essential and all that- but really I just don't have the time. I'm hoping that by cutting back on hobbies I'll actually accomplish more art making. (I'm somewhat skeptical that this will work- probably the void I'm creating will just fill itself with more and more obscure hobbies- like grafting trees, or weaving cloth out bark, then dyeing it with native plants.)

Anyhow- back to the blanket- I usually don't like Knit squares- they look too dishcloth-y to me- but this pattern is perfect. It is really straightforward and easy and quick and just great. I wasn't sure how big they would be and so I was worried they might be these giant unwieldy dishcloth like things- but they're actually perfectly sized- cute- wee things- which will make the most awesome blanket- and will also take me years to put together.

It's a great way to make these Kandinsky-esque colour circles too- because the pattern is knit from the outside in- it takes about an hour to knit one square- and I'm not getting at all sick of my colour choices yet- so it seems like it will be a great stash buster. Also I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after one hour of work- it could be years before I finish some clay pieces- so I'm loving the instant gratification feel of these hexagons- plus they're so cheery in all this white snow.

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  1. I was momentarily distracted from the knitting by the sweet-faced N looking at me. A fine party hat, indeed. As for the colours, a dose of brightness will definitely perk up what's left of winter.

    The idea of accomplishing something in a relatively short period of time appeals to me, but my neglected projects need to be addressed first. The allure of the "new" calls out; beware the bark calling to you!

    I'm glad you've found some friendly people at Sunlit Sunday. They're a pretty great bunch.


  2. This will be a fun granny blanket. In the meantime that little N makes a great model! Too cute.

  3. Fun knitting project and a great way to use up leftover yarn. I keep thinking that if I limited the number of things I do I could be more productive, but somehow, I don't think it would work. Instead I'm concentrating on finishing things I've started.

  4. You are like me, someone mentioned spinning yarn and a chill ran over me right past my husband. No more hobbies, love your pictures

  5. I crochet but don't knit and have resisted learning for just about the same reasons -- I already have more hobbies than I can practice. I'm trying to delve a little deeper in the things I already do and become better at them.

    Thanks for visiting this afternoon. I'm glad you got a few spring-like days. They have to come eventually.

  6. I don't crochet or knit but this is so pretty ! :)

  7. It's going to be a beautiful blanket. I envy all of you who know how (and have the patience) to knit and crochet. It's such a useful skill to have. Will you post the blanket once you finish it?

    1. Yes I'll definitely post the blanket once I'm done- but that probably won't be for a while...those cute hexagons are pretty small- It's like a cat blanket size right now!