Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunlit Sunday: Inside/Outside

It's slowly warming up out there- but there is still enough snow for the girls to romp around on- a benefit to this weird freeze/thaw cycle is that the snow has this hard crust on it which will support the girls weight- so they can run around the yard on top of the snow (while I flail around trying to keep up with them. My favorite thing is when baby A runs toward a drift higher than she is tall, laughing gleefully as I yell at her to stop- and crash through the snow at the same time).

The other day we made it over to the 'greenhouse'  where we store a few things over winter- and it was nice to sit out there outside/inside for a while- discovering- and basking in the warmth.

Linking up at My Little Home and Garden's Sunlit Sunday- It's the last week this week- sadly- I've been really enjoying this link-up- head over there and check it out.


  1. What fun pictures of the girls playing outside. Joyous days in the spring sunshine to be remembered. They are so cute! Wishing you a blessed week ahead. Pamela

  2. Angela, I can still remember the pleasure of walking on top of a snow crust, trying to avoid cracking the covering. Your girls sound fun-loving and look very sweet, all bundled up and playing in their shelter. I confess to chuckling at the notion of you falling through the hard surface while the young ones danced merrily by on it!

    I'm glad you enjoyed Sunlit Sunday and am happy you decided to join in this year. Thanks so much!


  3. My favorite photo is #3 with your little one toddling off in the snow - pure joy!

  4. Awww, adorable! I miss those days when the kids were so little :)

  5. Angela, I just love these shots of those bundled up cuties in the snow...their shadows, etc. Very sweet!

  6. I'm glad you hear that you're discovering a bit of warmth inside/outside. Your green house looks like the sort of play space I would have loved as a kid.

  7. Oh how precious. They just look to be having a grand time out there.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  8. How fun! Your girls (and you too, I bet) will remember that day forever. I must admit, I would have loved to watch you "flail around trying to keep up" with the girls. Precious memories!

  9. What adorable photos! The third one especially.

    So much snow still. Wow.