Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday: Plaster

The plaster mold from the last version of the tile- nice and dry now. 

My kid is standing on the table while I work- Chaos reigns.

A close up of the squirrel sprigs- these guys are so wee and cute.

Squirrel range of motion sprig molds- and plans for some squirrel-y casserole dishes. And the ever present baby feet.

This week has been taken up with my finally carving some sprig molds of squirrels that I've had crawling (or jumping, rather) around my brain since Christmas. A sprig mold is like an applique but on clay- you make a shallow model- and then mold it in plaster. I was going to do another tile mold- just so that I had at least two plaster molds to work from while making tiles- because there's quite a bit of drying time in the mold- so it would speed the process slightly, and I'm using an old 9x13 pan for the tile- because it leaves nice big edges and therefore a solid mold, but there's room in those edges for sprigs- or smaller tiles too- then it's not such a waste of plaster.

That's all for clay this week I'm afraid- Baby A has started taking 20 minute naps- then waking up briefly and sleeping on me for another hour or so- it sort of ties me up, during that time n is supposed to be having quiet time- watching a movie or something- so that I have a few minutes without someone speaking at me during the day- but she's started getting bored with all that- not enough time outside on these frigid days, I think, plus just you- know- being four, and very talkative (we were talking about her being a superhero, and she was wondering who her sidekick should be, and I suggested Brownie her stuffed horse- but she said it should be me- because I'm always helping her do stuff- which is funny because I always called her my sidekick- but the times they are a changing, I suppose).

If you have any projects on the go in your neck of the woods- leave a link in the comments-I'd love to see.

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  1. This may sound a little strange, but I'm encouraged to see your little one standing on the work table and hear how naps and restlessness hamper your projects -- it's not just me. I've been working on several projects all a once and making very little progress on any of them. Time to focus on one or two.