Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The "Brothers"

Very randomly today- some photos of N with the cat brothers (which is what Nana calls them- and N finds it hilarious- we were never the type to call our cats our babies- but we did have them before kids, and they will sometimes sit up at the table as though expecting lunch served to them- I think they're just hoping one day I'll get so distracted I actually will serve them up there). I'm finding it hard to post  (or take) photos and I think the weather is really getting me down (though the vile green stuff coming out of Baby A's nose is not really photogenic either... so there's that happening too). Anyhow I plan on a few more garden related posts in the coming weeks- kids garden activities and maybe a herb of the week style post too- plus some pottery work in progress posts- just as soon as I have more work in progress- or less nasal congestion- whichever comes first.

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