Sunday, February 23, 2014

They're Back

It's a sign that things are getting warmer- in my windows at least- the ladybugs that hibernate in my house all winter are coming out, expecting spring- but instead just getting my house, and winter still outside. But it's  sign of spring for sure- and also a sign that I need to get my vacuum ready to start sucking them up.

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  1. Welcome to Sunlit Sunday, Angela. Would this be an Asian Ladybug that I've heard is an invasive species and hibernates in homes? I'm a bit out of my depth on these creatures. Whatever its background, it must be a sign that winter will soon be moving along. Thank you for sharing the photo. (I like your header, by the way.)


    1. Hi- great idea for a link up- this one is an Asian beetle I think- they're less red than true lady bugs- though we have both in our house- once they find a good hibernation place they put out pheromones to mark it, and it calls in all the ladybugs nearby- it's really pretty freaky- but sort of cool too I guess.

  2. Ladybugs in the house? I've not heard of that before. So glad that spring is on her way.

  3. I rented a house not long ago that had its own collection of lady bugs--they freaked me out because I had no idea where they came from! But they are a good sign that spring is just around the corner! Lovely photo.

  4. A lovely sign of Spring! Better outdoors, though! Smiles...Susan

  5. I love that you have ladybugs that hibernate in your house!

    I wish the weather would take a cue from them now. It is WAY too cold outside still!


  6. Yes, you are right, that's probably a good sign that spring is not far away.