Tuesday, February 12, 2013


N went to pre-school for a day this week- it's a pretty light curriculum there- and we're not entirely sure that we want her to go again- it just seems like she's a bit young to jump into a school situation- no matter how pseudo school it is. This preschool resembles a really good playgroup- but with no Mama, and I think that I'd prefer to be there with her still. Also she's only 3 and a half- so we have one and a half years before we get into the whole school fundraising, and valentines, and school clothes, and groups of friends, and potential mean kids, and "what if my valentines are not as good as someone else's "- or too good, and they single her out and tease her for that- I'd really just rather put all that off a bit more y'know?

It really brings back to me that I'd like to be the main influence in her life for a little while longer (that makes me sound like a megalomaniac doesn't it?) but really, there is only so much influence you can stop them from picking up in that situation, and when it comes right down to it, I think it's best not to put her in that situation too early. Anyways... on to what I sat down to write about...

Valentines- we made these mixed up colour crayons that I've been wanting to try for a while, and man were they ever cool! we found a silicone ice tray in a heart shape (from Ikea- and it does work well in the oven if you ever wondered), of course once you use it for Crayon melting- you can't use it for anything else- so you have to sacrifice the tray to craft use only- but you'll probably want to make more of these- so it might be worth it.

The idea is simple- peel and break up crayons, and then put them in the molds- filling them pretty full- because the crayons will melt down quite a bit. You could use just one colour per hole as well- but I like the multicolored  it's so fun to see what comes next. After filling the tray put it in the oven at 250, and check often every 3-4 minutes, to make sure that it melts, but doesn't mix together too much- you want the distinct colours still.  Then let it cool and pop out of the tray.

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  1. Super cool. You know someone here will be antsy to try it. We have that ice cube tray. Hm. Another "got to try it" moment on your blog - wonderful!