Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Garden Goals

This time of year is usually when I get semi-serious about my garden daydreams. I like to make lots of plans and lists, I usually have a lot of dream plans that won't actually happen, and some garden drudge work that I forget to plan for and end up not doing in the summer for that reason alone. I've joined up with Emily though for her Make it Happen in 2013 challenge, so this year I'm trying to seriously plan out and set specific goals for the garden. Here are a few:

  • Compost- we don't have a proper compost bin, it's shocking I know, but it's something I'd like to remedy this year.
  • Plant some more fruit trees- on the slate for this year- apples, cherries,hazelnuts, hardy kiwis, a rose bush that sets hips, and a fig tree.
  • Winter sow some perennials to beef up that corner of the garden- including- creeping thyme and coneflower, oriental poppies and some edible dianthus.
  • Try out and keep a good record of (this is the key part- a good record) new varieties of heirloom veggies.
  • Keep seed from everything I can this year, and try some hand pollinating to that end.
  • Build a wood fired oven outside, and possibly a foot washing station- and prep the area around it for a patio.

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  1. oh my cant wait to see! my adventures through the open gate are very similar xxxx