Friday, February 8, 2013

It Blooms!

My Amaryllis "Red Lion" has finally re bloomed  it's been a couple of years of patient growing, and fertilizing since I first got it off the shelf at Walmart for 4 bucks, already trying to bust out it's flower on a tiny 4 inch flower stalk inside the box. Last year it just produced two long glossy leaves, and soaked up the energy I guess. But now it's got two lovely flower stalks. And just in time too, at the height of winter despondence.

February- ugh- what a month, there is nothing quite like February in Manitoba, not close enough to spring to have a breath of warmth, and too far from Christmas to have that pleasant mid-winter festivity glow. The most bleary month of all, and then this little fellow opens up it's head, and at least you've got something growing and thriving. It has me fully committed to buying more Amaryllis this fall- for sure.


  1. Gorgeous. Two years? That is commitment. Do you have any "before" pictures?

    1. No before pictures- but it was literally just two long leaves last year, no flower stalks at all, I had two of them but gave up on one thinking I had killed it. I think they are supposed to bloom every year- with proper fertilizing...

  2. Ultimate minimalist plant? Or maybe that's a cactus I'm describing.