Sunday, February 24, 2013


The light has changed this week- it's more full of sun- and promising of spring- not a moment too soon. Baby A spent this week fighting off a cold- and nursing in a restless- yet continuous manner which I think heralds more teeth, also, I think I have tennis elbow in my left arm from carrying her around, she's been a bit of a barnacle this week. N seems to have shot up again in height; her legs looked so long and grown up in these stripy tights, it has me itching to paint her or draw her or sculpt her to capture this girl-child phase she's going through.

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  1. oh boy this brought back memories of my tilly climbing into her baby chair in new tights and me suddenly realising that she had outgrown it and had legs that went on forever! they grow up so fast, looking forward to any artwork you do. beautiful as ever x xxxx

  2. Loved these photos of everyday in your art studio