Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the Studio

The major work in the studio is done. I still have a pile of boxes and bags to deliver to the second hand store, a mirror to hang- possibly some magnetic paint to go up on one wall in strips- and a few bags of dried clay to move out to the shop- but basically it's done. The shelves were the finishing touch. K found them on ebrandon for 25 bucks, they're pretty basic veneered particle board- but they will work perfectly in the studio- and give me enough empty space to store greenware. I'm just blown away by the fact that I have empty shelves! it feels so good to have uncluttered this space.

It's pretty sparse in there right now- deliberately so- just a canvas topped table, shelves, and a stool with a plant on it- ( my post-apocalyptic looking peace lily- which was getting burned in the sun, and eaten cats- but is now recovering nicely out of direct light). It's got just enough space left over for some crawling practice, (I think the storing of stuff on my lower shelves will be short lived- once baby A gets going in earnest) and some clay work.

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