Sunday, February 10, 2013


This week the stomach flu hit our house hard- taking everyone down at some point- luckily the adults got sick in staggered format so that we had one 'live' adult at all times- man being sick sucks, but what sucks worse is having a sick kid. I happily called Health Links twice this week- I love that service (in Manitoba- maybe in Canada?- you can call a toll free number and speak to a registered nurse about your problem- it's fantastic, I've used it lots- so worth the tax money). By now we're all on the mend- though our stomachs are slightly touchy, no real harm done.

This week was mostly a jammies and bed head sort of week though, lots of movies, lots of naps, lots of ginger ale and ice chips and nursing sessions (also thank goodness for breastfeeding- A was only briefly sick, I guess some immunity passed through to her- solid little baby).

Posting along with Che and Fidel.

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  1. oh no my last 2 weeks have had pictures from blankets as we were all sick with gastric flu as well! Loving the jammies and the prints though and hoping you all feel better soon xxxx