Friday, July 27, 2012

This Week

Purple royalty beans and yellow beans- ready to be frozen or pickled.

The Summer Squash are super producing this year- so lovely and abundant.

Calendula Blossoms ready to get dried and used in body lotions and salves.

Fava Beans after their first shelling, ready to get boiled and shelled again. Yesterday was one of the first days we could actually spend most of the day outside, it was only 24 out and perfect.

Peas ready to be shelled- this is our second harvesting of the peas, and we're really enjoying them- though they are a lot of work to shell, N has got the hang of it though- her shelling just goes right into her mouth- but I'm not going to discourage it.

My 'Baby' in the stroller- she hasn't actually used the stroller for a while- but she's fascinated by it- and was pretending to be alternately a baby, and a puppy while sitting in it. She's gotten quite a bit bigger in the last little while, and has stopped answering to the term baby- insisting that she's a kid now. I'm really happy about that actually- I think it'll make it easier once the new baby comes.  Hope your week was great my Friends.

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