Friday, July 20, 2012

Lark Sparrows

the patch of Swiss chard that they have made into their home- from the top
it's quite well camouflaged

These Lark Sparrows have made a home out in our Swiss chard- a few weeks ago we were startled by the mama flying out as we went close to it, and looked in to see three tiny eggs! we were very surprised and N was totally delighted. We left them to their own devices and sure enough a few weeks after we first spotted them we were surprised to see the dad and the mom both fly out from the nest pretending to be injured- a sure sign of hatchlings.  They stayed close by while we checked out the babes, and we were happy to see two little ones, looking for food. They are pretty well hidden, and N wanted to do something for them so we put out a little bird bath in a patch of flowers nearby, and have so far convinced her to leave them alone. They are growing really well- and quickly. we're looking forward to seeing these grow. Even though it may put off our Swiss chard harvest!

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