Monday, July 23, 2012

Sewing: Diapers

Pocket style diaper

that diaper in front says "little monster" all over it- so cute-
though the white background may prove to be a mistake...

the inside flannel lining of a pocket diaper

a diaper cover with fold over elastic trim, and gussets at the leg openings.
So folks- this baby is getting bigger and closer to coming out all the time- and I've sort of kicked myself in the butt and got a bit closer to finishing some sewing for the little tike. Though really it's sort of silly how little I've done when I compare what I made for N before she was born. But the fact is I still have all that stuff, and I don't really want to make more of the same, if I don't need it- though I do think that every baby should have something made just for them.

It's possibly a bit of a let down to know that most of the things I'm making especially for this kid will be pooped in- but well- let's just say that having a kid has made me a lot more aware of poop, and pee, and bodily functions in general. Really why doesn't anyone tell you that before you have kids? As far as I can tell it's the one universal thing about kids- you will be cleaning up their poop and pee for at least three years- probably more, and if you're not cleaning up the poop- you're talking about it- celebrating it when it's good, laughing when it's loud, trying to discourage public discussion of poop with others who are clearly uncomfortable discussing bodily functions.  But no... instead of people saying "just be prepared- your world views on poop and pee will drastically shift as soon as you have kids" people say "hug them a lot" and "enjoy them while they're young" and all that sort of thing, which is all true- but is less of a surprise than the way that you will feel totally comfortable peeing and pooping while talking with your child.

Anyways I digress... mostly I've made some cloth diapers for this babe, some brand new fresh ones that will be for it's bum alone. I made two diaper covers with waterproof PUL and gussets and Velcro, those will go over the flannel diapers I have- they're just the waterproof pants that go over the non waterproof diapers. I also made some pocket style diapers, which were actually easier to make- and I think easier to use as well- they have a waterproof layer, and an inside layer- with an opening in the back through which you place a soaker pad. I bought about 40 dollars worth of materials and ended up with 7 pocket diapers and 2 diaper covers- which is significantly cheaper than buying them- and they are seriously easy to make.

I made these in a size small- because I found that that size lasted the longest with N. I also found that the pocket diapers I used with N, were made with a fleece lining- because fleece is hydrophobic, it pulls the moisture away from the skin and into the soaker pad- but it was too harsh for my little girl- she ended up with a diaper rash when I didn't put a flannel liner in those diapers- so I made the inside of these pocket diapers with flannel- the first three I used really nice soft new flannel- and then I remembered the real purpose of these things, and used old flannel bedsheets for the others, which are great to have one had for diapers. I also made one with a terry cloth inside (read: old bath towel), so we'll see how that one stacks up. I just have to see if I have enough soaker pads for these guys, and If not make those up too- but really that's super easy- just sewing a few layers of absorbent material together and serging the edges.

For anyone who is thinking of cloth diapering but not sure if they should- I say you should try it- I really loved it- people undoubtedly think back to the old style diaper- with pins and folding etc. but today cloth diapers are like the Cadillac of diapering, with cute patterns and coloured Velcro. I found it so convenient not to have to worry about running about diapers- and not really that much more washing either. I did have some one say that they thought that it was actually harder on the environment by the time you factor in all the excess washing- but that argument doesn't really hold up. It's like saying it would be better to use disposable dishes because you wouldn't have to waste water washing them. If you're concerned about the extra energy consumption you should line dry your diapers- it'll also help clear up any stains. We certainly were not militant about using cloth- we used disposables in public, and overnight, but we figured that we were reducing the cost (financial and environmental), of diapering our kid, and that it was generally better for her, as well.

Also if you breastfeed- the poop is not a big deal- doesn't stain, doesn't smell, no problem. I always think back to when we told a new dad that we were planning on using cloth, and he said - no way once you see the poop you'll change your mind- the way the poop sprays up their backs- ugh. I always thought it was bit silly of him because really- disposable diapers don't make any less poop for you to deal with- and you get the extra bonus of smelling it in the garbage can when you take the garbage out (nothing smells worse than the disposable diaper you forgot was in the bottom of the garbage can for a week- nothing). Anyways, I will say that because cloth diapers are so much quicker to absorb the mess, there is usually very little 'poop up the back' syndrome with them- in my experience anyhow. And also if the hubby is a little wary of cloth diapers- get him to install a diaper sprayer on the toilet- it's a little gizmo that helps you to rinse the mess off the diaper into the toilet before you put it in the diaper pail. Nothing like a gadget to help a dad get into diapers.

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