Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sewing: Camera Case

Last fall I bought myself a new camera- a Fugi- Finepix S- it's a bit bigger style- and has a neck strap- which I find to be a supreme annoyance, but I thought a wrist strap wouldn't quite do the trick as it's quite a big camera. I pondered over it for a while and then discovered that if I slung it over myself messenger bag style- diagonally that is- it stopped that stupid flopping that happened every time I leaned over- beaning my kid on the head more than once and generally making it awkward and hazardous to be around me, and, it also looked a bit cooler. 

So great- problem solved- but the strap was a bit short- making it sit somewhere closer to armpit height than the true waist hiegt I would like, and I remembered that most of my past cameras have been ruined by the lens getting grains of dirt and stuff in it, and seeing as how I usually take photos in dirty settings like a freshly rototilled garden, maybe it would be good to have some sort of cover for it. I thought and thought and finally decided to make a case that would strap onto the camera, and then hook onto the strap, so that I could let it hang from the strap while I took my pictures, and put it back in the lightly padded case while not in use.

I added a section to the shoulder of the strap, and drafted a case around the camera, it's a bit tough to get a picture of in use, but basically the top flap opens with a button, and the camera is sitting in a fitted pocket. The case is essentially attached to the camera at all times by a loop on the strap so I don't have to take it out and put it back every time I take a picture, and it hangs out of the way while I'm using the camera. I've been loving it so far- and it's reversable, and it's been holding up pretty well. It is by no means a completely safe camera case- I do have one of those, but it's not as convienient for around the house uses- but it does act a second layer of protection while the camera is in use- and it's not so bulky that I couldn't put the whole thing into my other camera bag.

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