Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Finally I've finished N's button pillow, I started it when I was pregnant, three hearts- one for each family member. I don't know why it took me so long to finish- it sat for a long time mostly done- I suppose until recently I couldn't trust N not to jam every button in her mouth while I was sewing it on, but now she just looks at it- and carries it around, and points to her favorites.
So sweet playing with the buttons in a sunbeam. - she was engrossed in it long enough not to notice me taking photos of her- and that never happens- she's very in tune to the sound of a camera clicking.


  1. So sweet - looks like a keepsake in the making. Great work!

  2. What kid DOESN't like to look at buttons? Even as an adult, they are really fun. A button jar is a classic memory for me. You've taken it to the next level (and it's superb as usual!!)and I think that is fantastic! Much prettier and so much more practical. To be able to distract N that long IS a testiment to the beauty. xoJ