Tuesday, March 29, 2011

40 Bags in 40 days- week 4

Alas no photos this week- I went into the scary parts of the house- the basement- the furnace room, the freezer, even the after photos would be of rooms I'd rather not let others see. But they needed to be done- and so far my bag count is up to 21, so yay! Some of that is garbage- but mostly it's things that I will not miss, but that hopefully someone else will be able to use. I'm going to have to tackle my upstairs verandah one of these weeks- and I'm scared to start it. It's just storage, and has been storage for a long time- since before I moved in here- I'm putting it off because, man, it's going to be scary, there's fabric, there's a desk, there's old yarn and toys, there's even some junk boxes that I plunked down there when we moved and have steadily tiptoed around since. It's time to clear it out- we have plans for that space- it's going to be a bathroom extension someday- and it's going to be gorgeous, but we need to empty it out or at least organize it first, so that's on my radar for this week, and possibly the next. How is your spring cleaning going?

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  1. I think those last few spaces are going to be scary for all of us!!) Glad I have you for moral support!