Tuesday, March 22, 2011

40 bags in 40 days- week 3

This week we tackled the front hall closet, which was the scary mess that I am bravely showing 'before' photos of. We promptly turned it into this:

even the scarves got folded

Along the way we found a whole lot of treasures, some of which went upstairs to the 'dress up' bin, and some of which we figure we can sell or give away- I ended up with two bags from here.

I also got my bedroom closet cleaned out, and found out that I actually am back at my target weight- so yay! no need to get rid of my awesome white dress pants that were obscenely tight last time I tried them on (though it's debatable that I'll ever white pants again, with a toddler).
I also cleaned out the bathroom vanity, and I think this time it may stay clear because I bit more realistic about it all- that box of hair dye- I'm not going to use, the lotion I don't really like the smell of- but was given as a gift- the makeup I don't really wear- all to be given away. It's a lot better than sitting and rotting under the sink. So another week another seven bags in total.

We found some great treasures in that closet- lots of things went up to the 'dress up' bins, and were duly modeled by N, we also found a couple of framed posters that we can sell- so bonus.

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  1. Looks awesome, Angela! Wow. What a difference in the closet!